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Runaway train...

CT60 Record Table

It adds up. (To 2295.)

This is the new record for CT60, conveniently it is exactly 1000 more than the old record (1295.) Thirty-six almost certainly stopped us there intentionally.

It was broken on Joey's page after CT60 closed but that's just because there was nothing to reset us.

Who started it?Edit

Kamo - here on 2013/08/24, 5:14 PM GMT

Who broke the old one?Edit

BL - here  on 2013/08/25, 7:48 PM GMT

Who had the last post?Edit

Joey - here  on 2013/08/26, 10:15 AM GMT

Who reset it?Edit

Thirty-six - here  on 2013/08/26, 10:16 AM GMT