Bellsprout Poster by sticklause

Dat face...

69 is a very funny number. Whenever somebody gets to it, they find it hilarious. We'll let you figure out why...

However, not everyone agrees that it's funny, and might respond with a sigh.

Lolz it's a sex position.

Life without 69 Edit

For a while you couldn't go past 60 in the new thread, due to a change in the rules caused by the update. This no longer applies and we are now able to count past 60 again

Connection with Bellsprout:Edit

Bellsprout is the 69th Pokémon, as such when posting with the Pokémon smilies you will get a Bellsprout beside the 69. Long ago it was connected that Bellsprout had such an oddly shaped mouth... The innuendo was made and Bellsprout became the "69" Pokémon.