The CT60 Drinking Game was a stolen idea from misc called "The SPPF Drinking Game". Their version was shit because it only applied to the misc section despite the name implying their should be examples from the entire forum, so Sling made one for CT60.

How to PlayEdit

- Drink everytime WizardTrubbish gets ninja'd.

- Drink everytime ToeyJoey is overly friendly.

- Drink everytime thirty-six says something comical while restarting the count.

- Drink everytime Sling whines about the thread being lame.

- Drink everytime Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius says happy birthday to an inactive user. Drink twice if someone attempts to ninja him in doing so.

- Drink whenever Sling insults Auaria and vice versa.

- Drink everytime Swamp insults DK and vice versa.

- Drink everytime Fatal makes an alt. Drink twice if he comes to CT60 right away and thrice if someone still calls him Rilla.

- Drink everytime SlenderMan0 gets banned.

- Drink if someone complains about SlenderMan0 being annoying.

- Perform a beetlejuice (the word is Serperior) everytime DK repeats an annoying phrase.*

- Drink whenever Yveltal96 calls someone an *******.

- Drink everytime someone posts a smiley.

- Drink whenever people post only numbers. Drink twice if this bothers Sling.

- Drink when WizardTrubbish brings up politics.

- Drink whenever someone gets pissed at WizardTrubbish talking about politics.

- Drink everytime YourPermanentRecord631 repeats someone's usertitle.

- Drink whenever PR posts in the thread.

- Drink everytime someone intentionally stays under 20 posts just so they can restart the count.

- Drink when somebody deletes a post so they get the top of the page. Perform a Beetlejuice (the word is creation) everytime someone gives the "top of the page" line.*

- Drink when the discussion becomes sexual.

- Drink whenever somebody says "palindrome". Regardless of context.

- Drink whenever DK spams to the list.

- Drink whenever Yveltal96 adds an unneeded number to the count.

And most importantly,

- Drink everytime the drinking game is brought up.<

  • Beetlejuice: One must do three shots (or take three really big drinks) in quick succession. Shouting the chosen word after each shot.

Ex: *shot* WORD!

  • shot* WORD!
  • shot* WORD!