These are the teams.


One side has more balls...

Count to 60's sister thread. The ugly sister...


Created 3rd October, just like the CT60 thread.


It is not a contest, the girls' last recorded win being in August 2012 October 2013, almost entirely thanks to WT and BL being bored of winning. Hence why it is ¼ the size of CT60...

Assassination plotsEdit

Of all the counting games, this has had the most attempts on its life, sitting at three, with the third assassin, Skyiomi being successful.

Why it should dieEdit


Hey, that man on the grassy knoll is about to shoot the President!

  1. We'd all be happy.
  2. A new counting game could take it's place.
  3. I'd be able to masturbate to the thread being closed Britishlanguage (talk) 21:41, September 4, 2013 (UTC).
  4. I'd be able to masturbate to BL masturbating ShinyRaikou (talk) 21:53, September 4, 2013 (UTC).
  5. HeroicRein would violently vomit to the 2 above reasons.
  6. All the more reason to kill the thread.


One day, the girls will return. It's written in the prophecy...

The prophecy was fullfilled on October 21, 2013


It got mentioned a couple of times, but mainly because of the membership overlap:

  • WizardTrubbish
  • BritishLanguage
  • ToeyJoey


Just for the record I kind of want Gender Race back now ~Sling