Chikorita Beard

Even with a beard, it's hardly any better.

The Truth

Chikorita saw the truth. It's Super Effective.


So terrible.

"I hate chikorita, its a punching bag."

- Dr. Classy

Chikorita loathing is a very real and ever-present solution in the CT60 thread.


Chikorita is a heap of absolute shit. In the region of Johto with starter choices such as Cyndaquil and Totodile, it is awful. It has nothing until the 5th Gym where Chuck has a Poliwrath. Even then DynamicPunch confusion could make it totally worthless. It's coverage of Grass/Normal is shoddy and there a plethora of other Grass-Types to do a support job better. Bayleef and Meganium are just as poor.

Punching Bag

These comics are very good (and accurate.) They're by Smogon user Bummer, check them out:

Chikorita is on fire!-0

Chikorita is on fire!-0

The truth hurts, as does fire.


What do other people have to say?


It's been mentioned in the thread.