Best Death Scene Ever

Best Death Scene Ever


Also sometimes referred to as being 'shedinja'd'

Getting Ninja'd: When posting on a forum, you submit a post only to find that someone had posted the same thing only seconds earlier.

There's an inner ninja in every poster.

Extreme casesEdit

When a large amount of people are posting in the thread at the same time you will often get double or triple ninja'd. In this case there's no hope left and the real number will be lost. This will annoy some people, but it can't be helped. 

Alternate TermsEdit

RussellW. is in full support of changing "Ninjaing" to "Greninjaing".

SoulDialga is also in full support of the above.

WizardTrubbish seconds SoulDialga's support of RusselW.'s supportof changing "Ninjaing" into "Greninjaing".

SoulDialga thirds WT's seconding of SoulDialga 's support of RusselW.'s support of changing "Ninjaing" to "Greninjaing".

BL will probably never always support changing it, because he hates loves Greninja.

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