Nichijou - Yuuko's Test

Nichijou - Yuuko's Test



Has an obsession with girls wearing these.

Miyuki takara by becool362-d6lzk6c-1-

Such as this one <3

Rotom Router: *Silently wonders if I deserve a page though I most likely don't*

Exeggudork: You deserve one.

And thus this page was born!

Main ThingEdit

Super-bland soda drinker
Rotom Router! Rotom Router!
Lies on the bed all day long
Rotom Router! Rotom Router!

Protects all his game files
Rotom Router! Rotom Router!
Uses YouTube Let's Plays as TV
Rotom Router! Rotom Router!

His brain's overcluttered
It has a cherry filling
Textbook case for lazy people
Rotom Router! Rotom Router!

He was just a Rotom
Video gaming geek
Joined up on Serebii forums
And was trapped in the game threads

He turned into Rotom Router
Sunshine told him he's relaxed
He tried to stay under 20
But failed miserably!

*Glass breaks*

His Batcave is right on Mars
Rotom Router! Rotisserie!
Freaky Fred wants to cut his hair
Rotom Router! Fred's naughty!

Rides around on a comfy chair
Rotom Router! Right is left!
Once zapped the counter down to one
Roto Mii! Wii U too!

He's here to count the numbers
And does some other stuff too
What happened to Awesomeness?
Rotom Router! Rotom Router!


Rotom Router!!!


The Other ThingEdit

  • Is neighbours with BNator.
  • For the longest time thought GoggleWaddleDee was GoogleWaddleDee.
  • Canada/Sling reported that he liked CT100 better because it has "nicer" people.
  • Was one of the many to be stomped on by The Imposter's Gogoat.
  • Is the pathetic Ghost Gym Leader of BPM's league.
  • This page has a disturbing lack of Rotom.
  • RussellW. does not hate his presence in Pokemon High. (It's true- RussellW.)