Ruby Ralts Poochyena

A picture of Ruby from the Manga... Because there are two different kinds of Rubies, and we're not showing the jewel.

Ruby XIII (formerly known as Bekidding before the Name Change) was a member of Count to 60 for a while, before eventually finding different places online to be. He is one of the main members of the Golden Age era.

Facts About Bekidding Nobody Cares AboutEdit

  1. For a while he was known as "Bekiller" after a discussion with Toobworm that ended with the theory he could be a serial killer. This proceeded to create rip offs involving "Bekidney Stones".
  2. He was one of the examples of people who left due to the Submarine Sandwich incident.
  3. Bekidding is known to fail at... Basically anything he does, including an art shop, a serebii clan (or guild as they're called now) and several different games.
  4. He claims he invented the sprites with the Pokémon and a silhouette of another pokemon behind it, but nobody can confirm this, not even him.
  5. Nobody cares about his personality, which is why there isn't a section about that.
  6. One of his most iconic role play characters was a Serperior by the name of Zorro, who was also a co-host in Season 2 and Season 3 of a serebii game (Pokemon Safety Exercise... No, we aren't getting links to those.)
  7. Does anyone even still remember this guy?