Skiyomi's true form.

Skiyomi is pretty much the only person who moderates the Games section, and by extension the thread. She's guilty of treason.

What does she do?Edit

She often lets foul language infractions slide, but she usually infracts for things like making alts, posting summaries of yaoi, masturbating under tables, accidently evading the swear filter, and being an asshole.

Current statusEdit

She's moderating a lot more in the thread since Britishlanguage decided to be an idiot. God damn it.

Thread Title Restoration of 2014Edit

At approximately 3:19 AM GMT on 2014/01/13 Skiyomi restored the thread's title to: "Count to 60 Before Someone With 20 Posts Comes."[1]

Everyone subsequently began to jizz and eat sweets.


She elaborated on why the counting threads closed. Apparently we should have used the general chat thread for general chatting instead of a counting thread. Whoops.


Her last activity as a mod was on June 12th, 2014.  She was demoted along with Encyclopika on July 15th. Shortly afterwards, her title as games moderator was succeeded by Schade.

R.I.P Games subforum.  ;_;