Swampert's signature profile picture, which she will never change.

Swampert is my Homeboy, otherwise known as "Swamp" or "Swampy", is a fairly regular player of CT60. It is a lesser known fact that she fights crime at night with her homeboy Swampert.

Swamp is a Girl!Edit

Swamp is often mistaken for being a guy, because of her extremely swaggie and gangster-like username. She is greatly annoyed by this, but in most cases goes along with it because she doesn't feel like correcting people.

Where to Find SwampEdit

Swamp is most commonly spotted playing CT60. In the past she has been a regular of several other games as well. She posts randomly throughout the rest of the forums whenever and wherever the hell she feels like it.


Swamp married her true love, Sling (whom she likes to call Slinky)  on May 5th of 2013. Months later, Yveltal96 forced her into a marriage with him, although she attempted to get a divorce, they are (according to him) still married. Swamp then married The DragonKnight, even though they never had an official wedding their marriage is at least 10 official in the eyes of the law. Swamp later went on to marry Exeggudork, on February 1st of 2014, even though he has an egg shaped head and is kinda ughly everyone in their polygamist marriage is infatuated with him.


Swamp is extremely lazy and it is hard to get her to actually do anything productive. It is surprising she took the time to even join Wikia, let alone create this article.