Full House Seventh Season Opening Credits

Full House Seventh Season Opening Credits

The Republic National Anthem!

'tis a country started by Eggturd with the help of BritishLanguage.

What is it?Edit

A republic that has a population of 3 people.

Who lives there?Edit



Canada(Citation needed)

Who rules the republic?Edit

Bob Saget has ruled the republic since his election in 1985.

He almost lost to Farla in the 1986 election.


The republic was formed on January 29th of the year 2014.

One day, sppf user BritshLanguage decided that he, along with Canada(?) and Exeggudork were part of a group of Monolithic assholes.

It was then that Psynergy suggested that a country should be formed, and thus the repblic was born.

Unfortunately, the republic has no territory :(

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