Yveltal96is the coolest member of the CT60. He got an Ask account recently, which sounded fun, aside from the odd questions he was asked lately. 'Nuff said.

Early LifeEdit

In Yveltal's early days in the CT60, there weren't very many members active at the time. Mostly just Brooms and Joey. Back in that day, Celestial Moth used to post occassionaly, along with BurningSociety, but we don't talk about him anymore. During that time, Yveltal was a member of the original Bug Club and constantly beat The DragonKnight with Bugs whenever he challenged. It was rather sad. 

Yveltal's Profile Picture.


As you all know, he has the reputation as the coolest guy ever on the CT60, but he is also known for the coolest banners ever on it. He also has the reputation

Yveltal's Current Banner.

 of being an annoying stall battler, and specializes in Double Battles. Yveltal is also known for owning a lot of clubs, and DeviiFruit calls him the Club Mogul. Yveltal is also known, for stealing Swampert from Sling, and Swampert is now happily married to him. Oh, but don't tell Marco, he's got a thing for her. 

His Current ClubsEdit

Yveltal is currently the owner of three different type clubs: Grass, Bug, and Dark. He is also the Co-Owner of the Ice Club, the Halo Club, and is soon to be Co-Owner of BAP's Flying Club. Yveltal uses these clubs as a way to kill time, discuss his favorite properties of his favorite types, and to practice his competitive skills. 


Yveltal vs. Lugia.

Yveltal's Married LifeEdit

Yveltal and Swampert went behind Sling's back for a while, and they eventually tied the knot back in June. They are now happily married, but Sling still has suppressed feelings for her.

His Favorite PokémonEdit

His three main favorites, are Scizor, Serperior, and Zoroark. His three current favorite legendaries, are Lugia, Mewtwo, and Genesect.